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October 24th, 2023

New Feature

Vendors module

We have introduced a brand new Vendors module where Whip Around customers can centralize their vendor information.

Key features of the Vendors module:

  • Brand new vendors module

  • Manual + Bulk upload of vendors for parts

  • Ability to add multiple contacts against a single vendor

  • Ability to associate a vendor against any part

September 14th, 2023

Feature Improvement

Custom Dashboards

We have introduced the ability for Whip Around users to create custom dashboards comprised of multiple charts. These charts can provide a comprehensive view of a user's fleet performance.

Key features:

  1. Customized display elements -Users can create custom dashboards that display the most relevant performance data for their fleet tailored to their needs. The dashboard can be configured to show data from vehicle inspections, maintenance logs, fuel usage, and more.

  2. Pre-built charts and graphs - This allows users to choose from pre-built charts which gives them insights about the most important fleet maintenance data (e.g. Assets with the most defects, total work orders per asset type, etc.)

  3. Real-time data - Customers will gain access to real-time data offering insights into their vehicle's performance in a highly visual way.

  4. Data export: Users can export data from their custom dashboards and charts to a variety of formats, including CSV and Excel.

August 3rd, 2023

Feature Improvement

Custom User Permissions

Admins can now customize user permissions for "Manager" and "Team Manager" roles and add/remove any permissions that are not required for that user.

Admins can navigate to People -> Users -> User profile for a manager/team manager, here a new permissions tab is displayed.

This is where they can add/remove any permissions for that user.

Modules available for custom user permissions:

  1. Teams

  2. Assets

  3. Inspections

  4. Forms

  5. Exception report

  6. Defects

  7. Service tasks

  8. Service Program

  9. Service schedule

  10. Work order

  11. Inventory

  12. Drivers

  13. Drive wellness

  14. Reminders

  15. Fuel

Operations available for custom user permissions -

  1. View (Only applicable for forms and driver wellness)

  2. Create

  3. Update

  4. Delete

  5. Export

  6. Bulk import (Create/update)

July 2023

New Feature

Add & Delete Work Orders and Defects on Mobile

Now you can create and manage your work orders and defects from your mobile device just like you can from your desktop computer.

June 23rd, 2023

Web Platform Release | Pro (Maintain) + Standard (Inspect) plan

Dynamic filtering on Asset list page

We have refreshed the UX of asset list page and added new feature to dynamically filter your data which richer set of filters available.

Customers can -

  • Select up to 50 columns to be displayed on asset list page

  • Filter on all the columns they have displayed on asset list page

  • Choose how many assets are displayed on a page (25/50/100)

  • Use operators like AND/OR to deepen or widen their search

  • Choose wide variety of filtering options depending on the number or text filter

  • Export the data they see after using the dynamic filters

May 25th, 2023

Web Platform Release | Pro (Maintain)

Bulk upload functionality for parts within Inventory module

We have introduced a brand new bulk upload functionality within our inventory module so that customers can add/edit their parts effortlessly.

This will save customers time and they can leverage the power of AI which recognizes and organizes the information from parts. This will ensure accuracy and reliability within bulk upload process to ensure data upload is without any errors.

Along with this now we allow to add multiple vendors and locations for a single part to avoid duplicates within inventory.

May 11th, 2023

Web Platform Release | Pro (Maintain) + Standard (Inspect) plan

New Fuel module

We have added a new fuel tracking module enables customers to track fuel usage and costs for your assets, as well as monitor fuel efficiency and identify areas for improvement. This module will help customers to optimize fuel usage and reduce costs while improving overall asset performance.

Customers can bulk upload their fuel transactions using our brand new bulk upload process and view these transactions and critical fuel metrics within Whip Around.

These transactions and fuel metrics can be viewed for the total fleet as well as on an individual asset.

Metrics displayed within fuel area -

Distance (mi/km)

Total distance travelled. Calculated by ending mileage less the starting mileage.

Volume (gal/ltr)

Amount of fuel consumed.

Fuel cost ($)

The total cost of fuel.


Total distance travelled divided by the total amount of fuel consumed.

Cost per mile (CPM)

Total cost divided by the total distance travelled.

May 3rd, 2023

Web Platform Release | Pro (Maintain) + Standard (Inspect) plan

Customers now have richer set of columns to choose from on Asset list, Inspection history list page.
They can choose the columns they want to display through 'manage columns' modal under actions drop down. The columns they choose will be displayed on the relevant tables. Users can choose maximum of 10 columns to be displayed on the list page and minimum of 4.

Note - This is in addition to all the columns we already have.

Additional columns to choose from on asset list -

  • License plate

  • Engine hours

  • ID

  • Year

  • Status (in service/out of service)

  • color

  • Last service engine hours

  • Last service mileage

  • Last service date

Additional columns to choose from on inspection history list -

  • Date received

  • Asset VIN

  • Asset license plate

  • Asset type

  • Asset make

  • Asset model

  • Driver app username

  • Employee number

  • Current defects count

  • Corrected defects count

  • Driver wellness

Sync trailers/equipment from Samsara back to Whip Around
Customers with samsara integration can now start syncing their trailers/equipment from Samsara to whip around.

March 16th, 2023

Web Platform Release | Pro (Maintain) + Standard (Inspect) plan

New Reports module

  • One place to access all exports
    New Reports module with all exports from across the platform listed on one page

  • Easy reporting - Export data in CSV. or excel files as required

Standard (Inspect) plan customers will be able to access exports on:

  • Inspections

  • Compliance

  • Defects

  • Assets

  • Drivers

Pro (Maintain) plan customers will be able to access exports on:

  • Inspections

  • Compliance

  • Defects

  • Service Schedule

  • Work orders

  • Assets

  • Drivers

March 9th, 2023

📣 Web Platform Release | Standard (Inspect) & Pro (Maintain) Plans

Enhancements to the Asset list page

  • Updated UI

  • Columns and filters arranged by priority

  • Subscription and integration columns added

  • Manage columns options

  • Infinite scroll pagination

Upload a new asset flow

  • Upload assets using the VIN decoder, bulk upload, or integration import options

  • Updated UI

  • Asset details information added to a tab

  • Tabs now include: Asset details, Inspections, Defects, Services, Work orders, Wallet/Documents, Driver access, Integrations, Out of Service

  • “Out of service” red ‘pill’ makes it more obvious

  • “In service” and “Following” toggles were added in the details section

  • VIN decode option added

February 24th, 2023

📣 Web Platform Enhancement | Pro (Maintain) Plan

Separated Service Schedules Tabs

  • The “Pending” tab was divided into two tabs – “Overdue” and “Due soon”

  • The order of the tabs changed from “All,” Pending,” and “Completed” to “Pending,” “Due soon”, “Overdue,” and “Completed.”

  • The “Pending” tab includes “Overdue,” “Due soon,” and “Scheduled” services

  • Reports can be exported to include “Overdue” and “Due soon” services

February 14th, 2023

📣 Mobile App Release 4.2.0 | Standard (Inspect) & Pro (Maintain) Plans

Streamlined login and password reset process on mobile.

  • Login with SMS
    Users can opt to have a magic link sent to their SMS. They click the link in the text message and are automatically logged into the mobile app.

  • Password reset
    Previously, an Admin role had to reset the password for a user. Now a user can choose to reset their password when logging into the mobile app as part of the login process.

  • Login with biometrics
    Use Face ID or fingerprint touch to log in. Available on both Android and iOS. No password is required.

February 7th, 2023

📣 Web Platform Release 7 | Standard (Inspect) & Pro (Maintain) Plans

Kicking off 2023, we have a fresh redesign of the Inspections History tab dropping into users' accounts in the first week of February.

Enhancements include:

  • Columns and filters displayed according to priority

  • Search capability

  • Additional export options

  • Infinite scroll pagination

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